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The optimal employment model and the most attractive job for you.

• Temporary employment regionally and nationally

• Part time or full time

• Placement in freelance work or permanent employment

• Permanent position, temporary or permanent

• we will look for your desired job free of charge

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Medical professionals: Employees have these advantages
• If you only want to work for a certain amount of time, stick to temporary work 
• She  be able  through  the  different  areas of application  in  medical practices, 
Gain valuable professional experience in hospitals or care facilities.
• Your job with your employer is secure.
• You will receive a fair salary.
• If you have been in the same medical facility or doctor's office for nine months 
are employed, you have the right to the same pay as the core workforce.
• To  one  longer  career break  or  illness  succeed  you  With  temporary work  the 
easier to return to work.
• You collect many professional contacts in the medical field.