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Sei Fair - Take Care!


Are you a caregiver and would you like to work according to an employment model designed just for you?

Would you like to be able to develop freely?

Would you also like to be materially secured?

Clinics • Facilities

We relieve you of personnel requirements with highly qualified specialists.

In the long term, we create groundbreaking HR concepts for sustainability.

We create staffing solutions.

temporary work  in the  medical  Area:  the  benefits  for 
employers and employees
The  expression  temporary work  knows  today  actually  everyone.  In order to  connects  man  companies,  the 
Hire jobseekers and their skilled workforce to others as needed 
company  so to say  gives.  Yet  before  some  years  put  temporary work agencies 
workers from different areas. Today, however, specialize 
good personnel service providers and place appropriate personnel. For example in the 
medical industry. The reason is obvious: you have to be an expert on this 
area  qualified.  which  benefits  this  shape  the  temporary work  for employers  and 
employees have in the medical field, we explain here.

Fairmedics ist DIE Zeitarbeitsfirma für Pflegekräfte, Ärzte und medizinisch-technische Fachkräfte für individuelle Karrieremöglichkeiten in der Pflege und allen anderen Gesundheitsberufen in Deutschland. 

Fairmedics ist eine erfolgreiche Zeitarbeitsfirma im Gesundheitswesen und bietet Pflegefachpersonen die Möglichkeit, in verschiedenen Einrichtungen in Deutschland zu arbeiten.

Unsere Fachkräfte haben die Chance ihre Fähigkeiten zu verbessern und sich durch die verschiedenen Herausforderungen in den Einrichtungen zu entwickeln.

Wir bieten flexible Arbeitszeiten, ein attraktives Arbeitsumfeld, eine exzellente Vergütung, Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten und natürlich ein fantastisches Team, dass sich immer vollumfänglich um Dich kümmert.

Bewerbe Dich jetzt als Fachkraft bei Fairmedics und bring Deine Karriere in der Pflege in Deutschland auf ein ganz neues Level!

What is temporary work?
temporary work
  describes  that  employment relationship  between  one  workers  or.  one 
employee and two companies. The employee will
  the  temp agency  employed,  is  but  for  one  other  company  active.  temporary work  will 
  temporary work,  personnel leasing,  personnel leasing  or  temporary employment 
  is called  for  the  workers  and  the  employee:  the  temp agency  is  the 
  With  her  closes  man  an employment contract  away.  The place of work  located  himself 
but in a different company.
in the
  medical  Area  is  the work area  for example  one  Hospital,  one 
University hospital
  or  other  medical  Facility  how  nursing home,  medical 
Laboratory, doctor's office or pharmacy.

  What are the benefits of temporary work in the medical field?
Everyday operational life in clinics, care facilities, medical practices and pharmacies has something to do with it
  changes  to  battle.  Economy  and  sales  vary.  the 
  from  temporary work  is,  that  smaller  medical practices,  pharmacies  or  also  larger 
Group practices, clinics and health centers more flexible in the private sector
operate and remain economically stable.

We create solutions for you

Your wishes are our standard

We always develop perfect solutions for you individually according to your wishes and ideals. Sustainability is not only our motto, but a principle for every cooperation.

With us everything revolves around you

Only healthy and socially balanced staff can help other people to recover. That's why our primary concern is to achieve this for every person we work with.

lived health

Social and physical health is the top priority in the individual implementation of personnel concepts. Coverage of health-preserving and

preventive health measures are a matter of course for us.


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